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Chinese Vegetarian Festival” in Songkhla

Be pleased with the merit of “Chinese Vegetarian Festival” in Songkhla .

Had Yai invite to join “Chinese Vegetarian Festival” 2556 on 5-13 December 2013 at the small park Supphasanrangsan, in front of Tong Sia Shang Tung, Had Yai, Songkhla.

There are many activities, on 5 October 56 at 16:00 pm is the opening ceremony and merit for all town, on 10 December 2013 at 16.00 pm is the procession monk ceremony annual. Everyone can come and set the altar for god and luck, on 13 December 56 at 22:00 pm is the ceremony to send god come back to heaven at the Chalatat beach, Songkhla.

There is also a fair to sell vegetarian food more than 100 shops, watch the beauty of Chinese Vegetarian Festival parade from many shrine at Hat Yai, the show of golden dragon, the contestant about the goodness of Chinese Vegetarian Festival, show the cooking recipes “the nine luck menu” from the nine celebrities and join the events “merit” eat enough for all town etc.

For more information, please contact Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

Sri Chum Temple & Ajana Buddha

Sri Chum Temple” in Sukhothai, stun by the talk Buddha, grandmother quote “Cheating is sin”

The former greatness of Sukhothai World Heritage appears though many remain ancient Buddhist art. One of the major highlights Temple of the world heritage in Sukhothai city is “Sri Chum Temple”.

Sri Chum Temple located in muang, Sukhothai in the northwest of the city walls, near the Gate of Royal Court on the north.

People assumed Sri Chum temple was built in the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng before abandoned in the late Ayutthaya period. Then, in the Chom Phon Pibulsongkram era 2496-2499, there was restored this temple. This is a major restoration but still use the traditional forms, methods and materials. Buddha image in a temple was repair as same as the Bronze Buddha in Sukhothai art.


Ajana Buddha” is a big Buddha image in a temple and a major highlight of Sri Chum Temple and a symbol of the world heritage in Sukhothai city.

Ajanta Buddha is meant not vacillate person. It is the large attitude of subduing Mara, long measure of the Buddha statue in the posture of meditation is 11.30 meters and the high is 15 meters with a very beautiful Buddha characteristics. His plump body and smile on his face look full with merit and faith.

Ajanta Buddha is not a common Buddha statue but (In the past) is the miracle Buddha statue because it is “The Talk Buddha statue”

Ajanta Buddha in Sri Chum Temple has been rumored about the talke Buddha statue and become the tourist attraction Unseen Thailand.

Tourist attraction in Yaowarat

In addition to the old market, there are the other tourist attraction in Yaowarat is “New market” as great as the old market. This new market locates on between Charoen Krung and Yaowarat road or in the Issaranupab alley. This market is built in the fifth reign but later the old market. Most people called the new market as “Leng Buea Oia Market” because there have Leng Buea Oia shrines which is the oldest shine in Yaowarat.The product in this new market is similar to the old market but specifically in more several restaurants whether dim sum, duck noodles, crispy etc. It is also the location of famous spice shop “Juan Sun Shop” that well known. During festivals, whether a Chinese New Year, Ghost Festival or Chinese Vegetarian Festival both market have a cheerful atmosphere because people come to buy the fresh and dry food to cook.

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Another distinctive feature of Yaowarat is “The golden road”. This road is the most gold shop in Thailand. Both of the roads filled with a gold shop to select. The oldest gold shop in Yaowarat is “Tank To Kang gold shop” located at the entrance of Wanich street, Dragon road is over 130 years since the gold shop was established in fifth reign by founder Mr.Tokang Saetang. Appearance of the store is traditional style building 7 floors look beautiful. Now, they still sell the gold at the first floor and the upper floor is the museum which collects the stories about making gold.

The path to Yaowarat: MRT subway station, get off the when come to the last station, Hua Lamphong Station then, get on tuk-tuk or taxi to Yaowarat road

Bus number: 4,21,25,53,73,73ก,507,529,542

              Personnal car: not recommended to drive yourself because hard to find a park but if you come to Charoenkrung road, you can park on Lotus market and pay the cost per hour.

Top Things to Do When Travel To Thailand

When you travel to Thailand, you are highly recommended to visit the  capitals. It lies between Chiang Mai and Bangkok cities where Thailand has three  ancient capitals. These Capitals are; Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya. Visit  them on your way to north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai which will make your tour  so unique and unforgettable.  When you visit them you’ll have a good  knowledge about ancient Thailand and you will see rural life at its awesome  scene. For myself; my favorite capital is Lopburi.

Also; you when you travel to Thailand you will love to visit the Tropical  Islands. Thailand is famous for its beautiful tropical islands. Some of these  islands are overdeveloped and some others only have a wonderful bungalow on  them. In your traveling to Thailand’s Islands you’ll find everything there. Here  you Some of the best islands that I recommend them for you: Ko Chang, Ko Tao,  the Similian Islands,  Ko Samet, Ko Samui,  Ko Taruato, Ko Lanta, and  Ko Jum.

Most of tourists love to visit Full Moon Party when they travel to Thailand,  and of sure you will not miss this chance, especially if you like partying.   The famous words as a quote in this part of Thailand’s features are  “There’s no better party in all over the world than the famous Full Moon Party  at Thailand. There are about 22,000 people partying until sunrise on Thailand’s  beaches, like Koh Phangan and Haat Rin. Of sure, it is considered as super  touristy party which has a lot of fun which shows the spirit of Thailand beauty  more than anything else.

If you are one of those who love to go in a Jungle Trekking, you will be  amazed with these great jungles trekking in the northern of Thailand. You are  advised to go on a hike in several days. Try to avoid the short hikes as it  isn’t good and try to visit the hill tribes as they are like ‎Disney world.

A lot of tourists love Diving which is considered as a popular activity in  Thailand. If you look for a cheap place to learn scuba diving, you are advised  to travel to the ‎island of Kao Tao which offer a specifically diving trip. Most  people who come to Thailand don’t go to this island if they ‎aren’t diving.  Although; you can dive all over Thailand beaches like, Ko Lanta, the Surin  Islands, and the ‎Similian Islands which offer the best diving trips‏.‏

Thailand have an awesome places in all its parties, you just come to visit it  and discover how much it is an unparalleled country.