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Come To Visit Thailand

Come To Visit Thailand

Come to visit Thailand, you will enjoy with every moment in your visiting  here, promise, you will never forget it at all.

When you travel to Thailand and want to safe your money, you can do it by  living like locals. Simply live in Thailand as citizen’s life, take their buses,  eat their street food, and even drink their local drinks.

If you behaves in Thailand like locals you will not spend over 12$ per day,  especially if you lives at a cheap guesthouse and have meals from the  street.

‏When I told you to eat from street food, I mean it. In Thailand do it with a  big sure that is safer for you to eat from street food. Don’t be afraid of  sounds of street food, its sometime more safe than that are in restaurants. When  you travel to Thailand, you will discover how much Thais packing their stalls  daily to be enough for buyers. People who had visited Thailand know that the  best kind of Thailand’s food are on the street and it’s with prices equal to  fraction of what may you pay at a restaurant. So, feel free to have your meals  from the street food.

When you travel to Thailand, you will visit markets there. you will discover  that there are a time of buying called “Happy hour”, take that advantage and buy  all your drinks and food with its half price. Also, you can buy your beer from  Thailand’s ubiquitous and drink it outside there, thus you ‎will save you quite  a bit of your money.

Top cities to see when you travel to Thailand:

Bangkok : It’s the pulsating heart of Thailand, when you  travel to Thailand you must see this crazy city. There you will explore  Thailand’s touristic temples, amazing palaces, big shops and markets which you  may buy your souvenirs. Bangkok is features as one of the most ‎crazy nightlife  scenes in the world.

Chiang Mai – Chiang Mai is an ancient city which is ringed  with temples and surrounded by the green jungle. It’s considered as the best  launching pad for a jungle trek into the area, you will find there an elephants  sanctuary. Chiang Mai night market is the ideal place where you can find some of  the best deals in Thailand.

Khao Yai National Park: its located 3 hours north of Bangkok  city, this awesome park is the ideal place to swim, and enjoy with wild  elephants. As it’s not crowded of people, you can have a best accommodation deal  by staying at a greenhouse Guesthouse.