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Top Destinations to Travel in Europe

If you are planning to visit Europe to spend some quality time then you will find this article useful. This article lists top destinations to travel in Europe:

Porto & Douro Valley: With a buzz as a great tourist destination, Porto & Douro Valley attracts people from all over the world. People who love art, people who love fortified wine, and the people who want to visit Museu de Arte Contemporânea, must visit this place.

Budapest, Hungary: Ruin pubs, garden bars, beautiful watering hotels, and historic hotels are the attraction for Budapest.

Northern Iceland: This Iceland is the attraction of all travellers coming to Europe. In the hot summers, this Iceland will give you towering waterfalls that will accompany you.

Cinque, Italy: Scene of this place is dramatic. Here you will have beaches to explore. The best way to explore this place is Cinque Terre Card. You can get this card at local train station. This card lets you visit the place using electric village buses, walking paths, etc.

Moravia, Czech Republic: If you want to get around a peaceful place, then step down to Moravia in Czech Republic. This place is known of red wines and nightlife scenes.

Bern, Switzerland: If you watch movies then you have always been a dream to visit Switzerland, and Bern is the place you must stay in when you are in Switzerland.

Marseille, France: This place is named European Capital of Culture in 2013. Its Vieux Port is known as one of the busiest ports, and is being in use for 26 centuries.

Croatia: It is one of the most popular destinations among Europeans and Americans. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the centre of attraction for travellers from all over the world.

Copenhagen, Denmark: One of the coolest cities sharing green building, delicious food, and bike sharing culture.

Travel Guide to Less-Known Cities in Europe

Travel Guide to Less-Known Cities in Europe

Most of the people are familiar with some of the most famous European cities like – Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Paris or Amsterdam and most of the European capitals. However there are less-known places in Europe with far less tourist that travel there although they are equally worth visiting. These places have rich cultural and historical tradition and visiting them will surely be a unique experience. If you have visited the traditional cities and places in Europe or you want to visit something that is different from the typical travelling offer we suggest you visit these attractive locations.

Amiens, France

The first reason to visit this French city is the famous Cathedral from the 13th century that is listed in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. This Gothic style cathedral is the highest medieval cathedral in Western Europe and it is popular because of its unique decorative facade and original architectural appearance. It was built in a period of thirty years on the foundation of an older church that was burnt in fire. Another interesting fact about Amiens is that Jules Verne lived there for 18 years and the building where he used to live is now an interesting museum.

Haarlem, Netherlands

We all know about the Harlem neighborhood in New York but we know little about the Dutch city with the same name. This city is located just 20 miles from Amsterdam. Haarlem was the second most important city in Netherlands during the Middle Ages and well known for its School of Art. No wonder why this city has a great art museum like Frans Hals Museum which has a remarkable collection of portraits of famous Dutch citizens. Teylers Museum is another great museum which offers different historical items to its visitors. Besides that Haarlem has a lot to offer to fans of art and culture.

Ravenna, Italy

If you have decided to travel to Europe in order to visit some places that are not yet so popular among tourists we suggest you visit Ravenna. The beauty of this Italian city that was once important center of the Western Roman Empire was described in many poems and books made by authors like Dante Alighieri and even Oscar Wilde. Ravenna is known for the dozens of unique churches that are spread across the city and the most impressive is Basilica of San Vitale. The remarkable mosaics and paintings in it are something that you can’t see every day.

As you can see Europe is a lot more than the usual big capitals. It has lots of smaller cities and regions that are also worth visiting.

Why Travel to Thailand in Vacations

Thailand is one of the best destinations in the World where more than 15 million visitors go each year to spend their vacations with family and friends. And, if we talk about Asia then Thailand comes at the top among tourist destinations in Thailand. Despite the fact that the country is flooded with tourists each year, people of Thailand have maintained their culture rather than damaging it with different cultures. People of Thailand follow Buddhist culture while being a part of the diverse cultures of the tourists coming here.

When you land in Thailand, you will be attracted with its view and culture. People here are still doing farming despite the fact that they have a lot of employment due to huge tourism. You can easily experience the traditional communities, traditional festivals, and Buddhist temples. People are very much friendly and down to earth.

Tourism has been playing an important role making Thailand the fastest improving economy in the world. With an attraction for more than 15 million people from all over the world, Thai tourism is paving the base for Thailand’s development. Landing here is easier too. You can reach here via air or sea and once you are in Thailand, you will never feel like to go back. Cuisine, weather, friendly people, night life, security, convenient of doing anything anytime, and sports are the attraction of Thailand.

Whereas security is a major concern in my countries, tourists in Thailand feel safe. They can even go out of hotel in night for have enjoyment at night clubs, beaches, and other places. They have no fear of being looted or humiliated. Thanks to the Buddhist culture that has made people of Thailand so much caring due to which tourists feel safe and happy. Even at night, transport is available to visit the place you want.