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Travel to Thailand with These Tips in Mind

Thailand is a place, which is known as a hub of tourist destinations among people from all over the world. It is not called a hub of touritst destinations just because the tourism industry of Thailand is promoting it a lot but due to presence of abundance of places to explore. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is the only place, which has been attracting millions each year increasing scope of enhancement and improvement for tourism in Southeast Asia.

Starting from Lush Jungles to sunny beaches, from Buddhist Temples to Thai Cuisine, everyone who is going to travelt o Thailand will love the atmosphere as well. Apart from sunny weather, you will like almost everything here including the nature of the people and the way they treat touritsts. You may not feel like a stranger here as you may have felt anywhere else. When you visit here, you might have one thing in mind “how much money I should carry with me for one month trip.” This is a quite obvious question because apart from Air Tickets, the cost of living for a month might be costlier for you. In fact, when you are in Thailand, you need not to worry about money because exploring Thailand is much cheaper than any other country in this world.

You may guess it with the cost of hotel rooms, food, and local transport. When you step down at Bangkok, the very first step of yours will be finding a cheap accomodation. If so, then the good news is you can get a room to stay for one night from $5 to $10. Yes, in the countryside, $5 is all you need to spend one night while in the city region you will have to spend $10. However, at this cost, the room will be very simple with a bed and no aircon. If you need aircon, then you will have to step to a hotel where you can get a room for around $15 to $25. When it comes to have food, you can have food for around $1 to $5; however, that will be local food not western dishes.

Tips to make your Travel trip to Thailand Easier

If you are planning to travel to Thailand on coming vacations then you must need to consider the tips given herein below. These tips will make your tour more enjoyable while saving you money and keeping away from hurdles that may make your mood off. Here are the tips to be considered when planning to travel to Thailand.

Very first tip that will not only save you money but will also ensure that you are not missing the very important part of trip. Plan a trip chart. For example, from where to start and then where to go and from that place where to go, and like this. Once the chart is prepared, you have to book flight tickets.

Book your tickets almost 3 months in advance; especially when you are travelling in the busy days of vacations. When you book tickets in advance then you not only get discounts on advance booking but also ensure that tickets are easily available. If you try to book tickets a week before then you will not only have to pay a bigger amount but also cannot be assured if you will get a ticket.

After ticket is booked, you need to move ahead for further planning to make your travel to Thailand the best trip. Now the time is to book hotel as per your travel chart. For example, you will land in Bangkok and will stay there for 2 days and then move to Phuket and other places. If you book a hotel here in advance so that you get several benefits like cost, perfect utilization of time, etc. Yes, like flight bookings, when you book hotel in advance then you save money. Apart from this, you save time, which  you can use for extra fun in Thailand and thereby, make travel to Thailand extra special. Apart from flight and hotel, you can book local transport like taxi in advance so that when you step down on the airport, taxi is waiting to take you to the hotel without any struggle and waste of time. So, use these tips when ready to travel to Thailand.

Why you should Travel to Asia

So, you are ready to spend your vacations somewhere in this world, and thinking about travelling to Asia. It is cool. But, why you want to Travel to Asia when you have so many choices of tourist destinations, such as Switzerland, London, Los Angeles, Iceland, and a big list from which you could choose one for a tremendous and unforgettable moments. Why you have chosen Asia to Travel or you should choose Asia to Travel.

Actually, Asia is world’s largest geography that gives Travelers from all over the world a huge welcome with an array of tourist destinations in every country in Asia. Be it India, China, Thailand, Japan, or Pakistan, you will be having a lot, a lot, and a lot to visualize and add in your memories. From historical places to pubs and restaurants showering modern beauty to animal life to beaches to shopping complexes, and a lot more.

There are several people in the world who would like to Travel to Asia to have some knowledge about its history, its monuments, and how people of Asia are. With largest numbers of festivals celebrated in Asia, people would love to be a part of these festivals. People of Asia, be it India, China, Japan, Pakistan, or Thailand are very supportive and friendly. Especially when we talk about India and Thailand – here people consider tourists as their guests and guests here are like God. The reason behind is not that many people in these countries earn their living from tourism but the culture and the ethics that they have been living with.

So, everyone should experience this culture by arranging a Travel Tour to Asia. And, when you are on Asia tour then do not forget to visit Thailand and India because these are the places you will be loving more than any other area especially if you want to feel the warmth of love.