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How do Australians perceive travel in Thailand ?

News says that Australian interest in travel to Thailand reduced by 30%. This reduction of Australian people travelling to Thailand was observed after the military coup. This news of reduction in the rate of Australian people travelling to Thailand has grabbed of the Tourism industry of Thailand.

The AUSTRALIAN interest towards Thailand travel has plummeted by around 30% since May 22 prior to the military coup. However, despite such assurances given by Thailand’s tourism industry and travelers claim that Thailand remains “a hospitable tourist destination”.

Reports made the rounds stating that Bangkok has regained or been more peaceful from the time of the coup. In spite of this news, there was seen a drop of 32% in the searches done by Australians in the subsequent week. This observation was recorded by accommodations booking site called as

The interest of AUSTRALIAN travelers to travel to Thailand travel plummeting by 30% is seen as negative news for Thailand Tourism. Thailand’s tourism authority on the other hand is continuously reassuring travelers about the safety of travelling to Thailand, but still people are scared.

There were reports of curfew in Thailand. The curfew in Thailand started at midnight and continued till 4am. However, the authority says, “We want to inform about Thailand’s current situation. We want to convey that there’s situation in Thailand is completely under control. Thailand is completely safe for travelers. Thailand remains a hospitable and welcoming tourist destination. There’s business as usual seen throughout the country,” says the latest news update from Thailand authority.

It further says that the midnight to around 4am curfew in Thailand has hardly stopped the travelers from enjoying and relaxing their days in Thailand under the sun and traveling to Thailand’s mountains, temples as well as beaches.

Great news for all those who are searching for a great travel experience!

Travel forms an important part of one’s lives. Everyone wants to have a great travel experience than the usual mundane journey from home to office. For all those people who want to have a great leisure travel experience, Thailand would be a great place to travel. Thailand is amongst most liked places for rejuvenation and its pleasant aura of Thailand’s beautiful islands like Ko Chang and Ko Kut. These islands will engage you in its beauty and you will feel relaxed amidst Thailand’s lush green environment as well as serene beaches.

Isn’t that great news?

Thailand- A beautiful country

Thailand is a large and beautiful country comprising of white gorgeous beaches tropical islands. Travelling to the many well-known islands of Thailand will give you a great experience and something you’ll cherish for life!

You can relax on the beach and chill out listening to your favourite news or chat with other travellers with a vintage pint of wine or beer. You can also ride jet skis and experience a great adrenalin rush!

Many travelers prefer taking a sleeper train coach from the Bangkok south and getting off at the Surat Thani station where lies the beautiful east coast islands. You can also join them or can enjoy the train journey for more couple of hours and get of at Trang station. You’ll find the train journey very convenient and relaxed unlike the usual office journeys and give you a fresh travel experience.

The Trang area seems to have been less noticed by Thailand’s visitors. However, you don’t forget to visit this area at least once and enjoy the serene environment which is an amazing destination for rejuvenation.

A visit to this beautiful land will indeed become the news of the day in your social circles!

Reasons why people travel around the world

The world is a magnificent place; it has so many countries that even a lifetime is not enough to explore each of these places. People usually decide to travel around the globe due to the following reasons:

Exploration: Famous author Jules Vernes “A Journey to the center of the Earth” has actually become a mission to most. Most people feel they need to see everything before they leave the world. Most of the hitch hikers travel around for this purpose.

Leisure: After working for several hours of the day for several months, people want to unwind to cool off their minds and rejuvenate. This is why they travel to new places in the world to find peace and solace.

Vacation: Some families that travel as a necessary family bonding activity and make it a point to take a vacation in a new corner of the world each time.

Honeymoon: The joys for spending the first few months of togetherness is a wonderful idea to travel to some of the most romantic spots in the world. It is not necessary that a honeymoon can be celebrated just once. Some of the most romantic couples ensure that they spend a honeymoon once every year in a new place.

Medical reasons: At times people have to travel to far ends of the world searching for good medical practitioners if they are not accessible in one’s home country.

Work: Most businessmen get the opportunity to travel to new places in the world for the purpose of expanding their businesses. What’s best is that they expenditure is charged in the companies accounts. Hard to decide if it is solely a work purpose travel or mixed with leisure!

This way, the world is a magical place, travelling to find its corner will take a lifetime indeed, but the journey is totally worth it!