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Growth Recorded in Bangkok Hotels despite the Political Unrest

You might have been aware of the political unrest, which was going on a few months back in Bangkok. Due to that unrest, there was a drop in the graph of tourism, which had affected bookings graph in Bangkok hotels as well. However, the regional areas of Thailand were not much impacted due to that unrest; Bangkok had to see a strong impact. Now, that political unrest is vanished, things seem to come back on track as well.

People are moving to Bangkok for vacations and other activities without being scared of any unrest, and this is good news for Thailand tourism as well. According to the current report of STR Global on Asia Pacific Hotel performance, it has been noted that there is a hit on the market in Bangkok hotels, but despite that unrest, growth in noted in hotels booking over the last month. Whereas Bangkok is known to suffer the most from the political issue and misbehave, surrounding places were not much impacted and they used to add value to the tourism industry with the same pace.

Thailand hotels are able to manage continuous growth in room rent on annual basis helping bring more foreign currency in the country while helping the economy to become stronger while encouraging the tourism industry. Everybody knows that a big part of Thailand’s economy is due to travel and tourism, which was affected badly due to political unrest in Bangkok. Now, that unrest is over and the industry is back on track with all the way good performance. All segments are supposed to perform well along with hotels and resorts. Transportation, bars, pubs, and amusement platforms, all will see good jump this vacation season, as people from all over the world are moving to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand for great vacations.