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Travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and the amazing night life. But there is also a spiritual side to it. You will have to head towards the North of the country which is also the cultural centre of Thailand.

Chiang Mai happens to be the main centre of the north and is also a little more laid back than Bangkok. There are many industries and crafts in Chiang Mai like the silk and the lacquer and the hill tribe products along with the Kings Project items which are phenomenal.

The hill people grew opium many years ago. Looking at the dedication and hard work put in by these people, the King decided to help the people and started a project where the people used to get trainings and other help to grow sustainable crops of the betterment of the community. This project took off so well that today Chian Mai has a plethora of agricultural products which are some of the finest in the world.

Coffee is the most common beverage found on the small street stands known as Doi Chang and Doi tung which offer coffee bean made into a big iced coffee. It is really cheap and great in taste.

The city of Chiang Mai is the first major glimpse of the real Thailand and is situated right among the rolling hills and the majestic mountains. This city is situated in the Golden Triangle which is known as a tri border city connecting Laos and Myanmar and Thailand.

The mighty Mekong River is home to the giant cat fish and a swarm of boat travel options which allow you to explore the real sight of Asia. Do not be surprised to see other foreigners here as this land has been a famous place for the extensive travelers who are on the lookout for the real tourism.

Travelling to Thailand

When you plan for a vacation, you first think of a destination. If you want to visit a destination which is full of culture, entertainment and adventure then Thailand is the best option for you. Thailand being a large country is difficult to cover as a tourist in case of time constraints. Once you fly to Thailand you will probably be landing into Bangkok. This city is a complete world of chaos which is organized though.

This place is filled with street vendors who sell many delicious street foods and scorpions are one of them which are fried and spread the aroma and essence at every corner of Bangkok.

Thailand is known for Buddhism worldwide and you will find many temples which showcase a large variety of Buddhist culture. Shopping is an integral part of any vacation. Thailand has a lot to offer when it comes to this genre. You will find a lot of branded stuff and even fake stuff like a Gucci watch at the streets of Bangkok. The streets are filled with shopping vendors who offer almost everything which you would like to shop at such destinations.

Nowadays travel to Thailand has become very common as it is becoming a family oriented destination. Every travel company has many options and deals for travel to Thailand. There are many cheap and affordable packages available with them which can be booked at great prices and well in advance. These packages cover almost every part of Thailand and show you the best of everything.

Thailand is surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand in the South which again gives an opportunity to experience the best water sports and activities. It offers activities like the scuba diving; Para sailing and many more. Travelling to Thailand is a complete package and anyone would love the experience it shares with the travelers.

Uncommon reasons to travel around the world

Even an entire life time is not enough to cover all the corners of the world. Enthusiasts want to travel to as many places as they can, till they can. What’s more fascinating is to know the reasons behind this world travel expeditions. Let’s take a look at some unheard yet true reasons travelers provide as reasons to travel the world:

To break free from monotony:

Most people get so caught up in their routine life that it begins to get to them real bad. In order to not lose their mental peace they choose to break this routine by travelling far and wide, searching for things that they too cannot put into words.

To challenge ones guts:

Most people fall under the self actualization need from Maslow’s theory. They want to challenge their limits as much as they can till they get the self satisfaction that they are looking out for. Such people just simply pack their bags and go around travelling the world, trying to get as far as they can.

To get a rush and thrill:

Most people are struck with boredom, they just cannot enjoy anything that they do and constantly look out for new things to do. This is why they travel the world, meet new people, and understand new cultures and so on.

To pen down their thoughts:

Most people who write either novels or poetry need inspiration. They get this inspiration when they travel to new places. That is why, most people pen down their travel stories as they ensure that they have many to tell.

Live to see the world:

Most people have it as their dying wish to see the world around them. That is why, after they are done living the regular life, they give in to where travel leads them until they rest for good.