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Itinerary for Europe travel

Europe is the second largest continent in the world. People from all over the world come to this destination in search of fun, frolic, relaxation and to explore the beauty of the Mother Nature. There are many tour operators who design the different itineraries to make the travel easier for the tourists. It has almost everything included in such packages. However the best travel itinerary for Europe is the one which includes the Oktoberfest. This is one of the most popular fests in the world which is held in Europe in late September and early October. A total of six million people attend this fest out of which one quarter of the crowd is covered by the foreign tourists. One of the main highlights of this fest is the beer drinking Germans.

This fest takes place in a giant arena in Theresienwiese where 14 tents are erected each sponsored by a different brewing company. Each of the tents are able to accommodate several thousand people at one go. Each of the tents has a reputation and tourists choose as per their convenience. Picnic baskets dawn each of the tables and the tents are so overcrowded that one may be back to back due to lack of space to move around freely. One may find the beer maidens descending over the tables with huge beer mugs filled with foam till the rim.

The Germans love to sing and dance during this time and the sounds of the songs and dance can be heard until late night. The mayor of Munich always opens the fest with a 12 gun salute and tapping the very first beer mug with the words “O’zapft which means that “It is tapped”. The main attraction of this fest is the German beer which is world famous and the highlight of the fest.