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Thailand travel and its wonders

Travel is a great way to explore the destinations in detail. However not all know the interesting facts and stories behind the great artefacts and the heritage structures. These can only be learnt with a lot of research or with the help of a guide. These guides are easily available at the heritage monuments and at the hotels where accommodations are done. It is a good way to feel the cultural values and the story behind every structure. It lures the tourists even more and makes them feel lively and connected to the destination. Let us see the different parts of Thailand in detail.

The northern part of Thailand is full of beautiful landscaped mountains and lush green forests. The most popular destination of Thailand in the north is Chiang Mai. The land of this region is very fertile for agriculture and this is why Thailand is also called as the Rice Blow of Asia. The humid climate and the hot tropical often attract the tourists from different parts of the world. Cities such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, and Koh Samui are very popular among the travellers. The peak season of Thailand is from August to March. If you wish to travel o Thailand during this season, make sure to book the air tickets well in advance as they would be very expensive during that time of the year.

The northern part offers trekking options to the travellers who like to do adventure activities. Along with trekking they can enjoy the camping on these huge mountains as well. Mountain biking is also available here along with bungee jumping. All these activities are not easily available in other parts of the world and if they are; then it is very expensive as compared to Thailand. This is also one of the reasons that people come to Thailand for all these adventure activities.