Muay Thai – Doing it in a proper way

Muay Thai training in Thailand can be one of the most interesting experiences in your life no matter if you are practicing it for the first time (in order to stay in shape or lose weight) or you are an experienced athlete in this combat sport. There are thousands of Muay Thai students on different levels but all of them can use some of the following tips that will help them practice this incredible sport in the best possible way.

-Finding a good Muay Thai camp – Those who want to travel to Thailand in order to learn Muay Thai should be prepared to make a choice between dozens of Muay Thai camps. Not all of them practice Muay Thai in the same way so it’s better to find one that follows the step of traditional training. If you want to find a good camp, check its trainers (their experience and history). Ask for a free class (most of them allow that) and see how it goes. In order to save you time we recommend one camp that has already proven that it is worth joining and that’s Muay Thai training camp on Phuket Island. People working in Muay Thai camp will make your stay pleasant and they will also provide you with all the necessary things you need to learn Muay Thai.

– Do some research about the history of Muay Thai – Thanks to the internet you can now learn something more about Muay Thai and it is always a good idea to learn few phrases in Thai language. The hosts will really appreciate that.

-Diet – Muay Thai training sessions are very demanding so you should take care about you diet/nutrition. Feel free to ask your trainer about what you should eat. They have a lot of knowledge in this area too.

-Don’t forget to warm up and cool down – By warming up you will avoid injuries and you will be able to perform the exercises easier while. By cooling down after the training you will be able to prevent possible joint injuries.

-Enjoy – You probably don’t need this advice because Muay Thai training is one of the most interesting physical activities that you will experience in your life.

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