News: Thailand travel alert eased by many countries

This May the world public was concerned after the coup made by the military in Thailand. Pictures of uniformed men entering public buildings and walking in the streets in Bangkok were not very pleasant. But, truth to be told, there wasn’t any bloodshed and many people in Thailand saw this as a good solution before the next elections take place. Things were a little bit out of control before the military stepped on the scene. Now the security is restored including the security in Bangkok – the city where most of the protests happened. It is good to point out that during these dramatic events none of the popular tourists destinations (except the capital Bangkok) didn’t witness any kind of violence. The people in Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui and other popular hot spots were working as always. After all they are focused on tourism and that’s the only thing they care about. After almost three months of military rule the things are stabilizing including tourism. This May was probably the worst for Thailand in years when it comes to tourism. However, starting from June and July we have seen some encouraging numbers. People are aware that the situation in Thailand is good and that foreign visitors are welcomed no matter what the current political situation is. People are still visiting Thailand for various purposes – from shopping, sunbathing and swimming to Muay Thai training. Most of the hotels and resorts are offering special discounts because of the situation and it looks like tourists from around the world don’t want to miss that chance.

2013 was a record year for Thai tourism and although this year didn’t start good there are still chances that Thailand will get a similar number of tourists this year. They’ve made the visas free for Chinese visitors; they are starting numerous tourist campaigns etc. The latest news is that most of the Western countries are easing the Thailand travel alerts that they’ve imposed a month ago. For example, the American State Department only warns their citizens to be alert to the current political and security environment.

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