Top Things to Do When Travel To Thailand

When you travel to Thailand, you are highly recommended to visit the  capitals. It lies between Chiang Mai and Bangkok cities where Thailand has three  ancient capitals. These Capitals are; Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya. Visit  them on your way to north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai which will make your tour  so unique and unforgettable.  When you visit them you’ll have a good  knowledge about ancient Thailand and you will see rural life at its awesome  scene. For myself; my favorite capital is Lopburi.

Also; you when you travel to Thailand you will love to visit the Tropical  Islands. Thailand is famous for its beautiful tropical islands. Some of these  islands are overdeveloped and some others only have a wonderful bungalow on  them. In your traveling to Thailand’s Islands you’ll find everything there. Here  you Some of the best islands that I recommend them for you: Ko Chang, Ko Tao,  the Similian Islands,  Ko Samet, Ko Samui,  Ko Taruato, Ko Lanta, and  Ko Jum.

Most of tourists love to visit Full Moon Party when they travel to Thailand,  and of sure you will not miss this chance, especially if you like partying.   The famous words as a quote in this part of Thailand’s features are  “There’s no better party in all over the world than the famous Full Moon Party  at Thailand. There are about 22,000 people partying until sunrise on Thailand’s  beaches, like Koh Phangan and Haat Rin. Of sure, it is considered as super  touristy party which has a lot of fun which shows the spirit of Thailand beauty  more than anything else.

If you are one of those who love to go in a Jungle Trekking, you will be  amazed with these great jungles trekking in the northern of Thailand. You are  advised to go on a hike in several days. Try to avoid the short hikes as it  isn’t good and try to visit the hill tribes as they are like ‎Disney world.

A lot of tourists love Diving which is considered as a popular activity in  Thailand. If you look for a cheap place to learn scuba diving, you are advised  to travel to the ‎island of Kao Tao which offer a specifically diving trip. Most  people who come to Thailand don’t go to this island if they ‎aren’t diving.  Although; you can dive all over Thailand beaches like, Ko Lanta, the Surin  Islands, and the ‎Similian Islands which offer the best diving trips‏.‏

Thailand have an awesome places in all its parties, you just come to visit it  and discover how much it is an unparalleled country.

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