Thailand – The heart of Southeast Asia

Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations all over the world. This country is not just full of amazing and diverse sites for tourism but there is also an enormous variety of tourism packages which make the holiday affordable as well as unforgettable.

Each and every tourist can enjoy their Thai vacation with the many available packages to suit the budgets along with the range of site destinations and accommodations and dining choices to choose from. Honeymooners prefer Thailand as their destination, as this country gives all that a honeymoon couple would ever want including the privacy and the time to bond with each other.


Thailand is majorly surrounded by sea. This is the reason that it possesses the amazing beaches which are to die for. These beaches not only provide a great view but also many water sports and activities which are a must for every tourist. Scuba diving, Para sailing, jet skiing and many more activities lure the tourists making them enjoy to the core.

Apart from the water sports there are many other adventure activities like hiking, cycling, wildlife and cultural tours and many more.

Thailand is rich in heritage and culture and this is what separates it from the other holiday destinations. Thailand has four major natural terrains i.e. the Northern forests and mountains; the northeast steppe farmlands; the central plains with vast rice fields and the Southern peninsula’s tropical islands of Thailand.

Thailand is majorly filled with Buddhists, making it one of the most heavily Buddhist countries across the globe. Language is always a barrier while on vacations. But English is widely understood being a tourist’s country. However it would be great to learn a few phrases in Thai before going to Thailand.

Thailand has many other cities which can be explored like Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok and many more.

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