Sri Chum Temple & Ajana Buddha

Sri Chum Temple” in Sukhothai, stun by the talk Buddha, grandmother quote “Cheating is sin”

The former greatness of Sukhothai World Heritage appears though many remain ancient Buddhist art. One of the major highlights Temple of the world heritage in Sukhothai city is “Sri Chum Temple”.

Sri Chum Temple located in muang, Sukhothai in the northwest of the city walls, near the Gate of Royal Court on the north.

People assumed Sri Chum temple was built in the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng before abandoned in the late Ayutthaya period. Then, in the Chom Phon Pibulsongkram era 2496-2499, there was restored this temple. This is a major restoration but still use the traditional forms, methods and materials. Buddha image in a temple was repair as same as the Bronze Buddha in Sukhothai art.


Ajana Buddha” is a big Buddha image in a temple and a major highlight of Sri Chum Temple and a symbol of the world heritage in Sukhothai city.

Ajanta Buddha is meant not vacillate person. It is the large attitude of subduing Mara, long measure of the Buddha statue in the posture of meditation is 11.30 meters and the high is 15 meters with a very beautiful Buddha characteristics. His plump body and smile on his face look full with merit and faith.

Ajanta Buddha is not a common Buddha statue but (In the past) is the miracle Buddha statue because it is “The Talk Buddha statue”

Ajanta Buddha in Sri Chum Temple has been rumored about the talke Buddha statue and become the tourist attraction Unseen Thailand.

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