Attractions of Thailand that make you Travel with Joy

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on earth and tourist destination spots. When we talk about a top destination in Southeast Asia then the top position is taken by Thailand, and there is a reason behind this as well. Here you will find beautiful beaches that are marked with blue flagged, which means the crystal clear water will be your attraction. Here you will find thick forest where spending sometime is always a pleasure. And, when we talk about the cuisine of Thailand, then there are so many options.

Apart from beaches and cuisine, it has always been a prime attraction for the tourists who love cultural and historical places with great history to explore. Throughout the year, Thailand gets millions of tourists from across the globe, which means here you can experience a diversity of culture but even after than Thailand has been retaining its unique culture and friendly people who love to help tourists.

Though, Thailand has several places to visit, the very first thing to do when you travel here is sort down where to visit otherwise you may waste your precious time. Some of the best places include Erawan falls, which is in the Erawan National Park in Western Thailand. It is the prime attraction here. Another beautiful place is Ao Nang, which is also called Ao Phra Nang or Princess Bay, it is the most popular beach in Krabi.

Hua Hin Beach should be next in your list of the top places to visit. This is a clean beach with crystal clear water with blue flag. Apart from this, you must visit Khao Yai National Park, which is located in the Nakhon Ratchasima Province. And, if you want to get around the history of Thailand then you must explore Sukhothai Historical Park, which is located in Located in northern Thailand. Some other most beautiful places to visit are Wat Arun, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Ko Lipe, Khao Sok National park, Ayuthaya Historical park, and Mu Ko Chang National Park.

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