Thailand – A Short Travel Guide

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and borders with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia. The north and the west of the country is a mountainous region while the river Chao Phraya and its valley are the core of the country and the place where most of the people live. During the history Thailand has always managed to keep a level of independence and neutrality thanks to the wise politics of their leaders and the mentality of the Thai people. That’s why nowadays Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

Bangkok is sensual, a little bit chaotic, overpopulated but yet very attractive city located in the delta of Chao Phraya River, best known for rice production. The long city square in Bangkok is rigged with canals carrying both supplies and passengers. The architecture is really mixed and it is hard to tell where the commercial zone is and where is the residential zone or even the industrial zone. The traffic is very dense and finding an alternative type of transport is always good for tourists like a fast train or a inevitable tuk-tuk.

If you are looking for a historical building-temple visit Wat Phra Kaew located on the river bank. The famous Emerald Buddha statue can be found here.

Ratchadamri will impress every man or woman who loves shopping clothes from famous brands and Pratunam commercial zone is a place where you can buy clothes after a little bargain. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a huge discount! Mahesak commercial zone is for the ones that love jewelry. You can find all sorts of golden jewelry there. If you like exotic food visit the large market called Chatuchak. Besides fresh fruit and vegetables you can also find a lot of handcrafted pieces of art here.

Phuket is a dream island located on the south of Thailand where besides enjoying the beaches you can also buy jewelry made of pearls and try vegetables mixed with exotic spices.

While you are around you can also visit Pattaya which is considered to be a real paradise for all swimmers, surfers and people who enjoy night life.

We have mentioned some dishes, so wherever you are in Thailand try these ones: Gai Pad Prik Haeng – chicken prepared with hot spices and walnuts and Moo Pda King – Pork with ginger. Of course there are dozens of more unique recipes waiting for you in the local restaurants so don’t be shy to experiment.

We hoped we helped you choose the right destination for your next vacation!

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