Thailand Tourism – Why People Need Travel to Thailand

Thailand becomes a favorite tourist destination in Asia. But, because of the instability, political situation in Thailand, the tourism sector has done at least 35% over last year. The number of foreign visitor arrivals and Thailand’s economy from the tourist sector become declined.  Thailand government tries to reinvest tourism sectors in order to increase and revitalize tourism industry for foreign travelers to come and visit this elephant country.


In order to develop tourism industry, Thailand government provides a pragmatic strategy and a way to deal number of tourists from another country. The government spends a lot of budget/cost to promote Thailand tourism by offering free visa and discount visa for foreign tourist. The government, economy is already standing to recover tourism industry during summer holidays. With strong focus, practical approach on tourism promotion and stability, political situation, Thailand come more significant to deal with international tourist to come and visit the famous elephant lands in the world.


The government of Thailand provides and offer many promotions for international tourists. In rainy season, Thailand offer tourist destination with relaxed spot and beauty scenery in peace and harmony. Thailand offers large of green fields of rice plantation and elephant attractions. There are some reasons why an international traveler should come and visit to Thailand. First, Thailand has a lot of delicious food. The best taste of Thailand foods doesn’t come from famous restaurant chef, but come from street vendors. If you are travelling in Thailand, it is advisable to taste the pork noodle soup. It is the best one of delicious food in Thailand. Second, when people come and visit Thailand, the travelling will not feel complete without take elephant riding tour. Every tourist should take their best camera and take picture riding on elephants.


Third, Thailand has a lot of best river market in the world. When people are travelling in Thailand, it is recommended to not miss out a great opportunity to visit and come to river market. Every traveler can see and buy fresh fruits, vegetables, garments, handicraft, silk product, textile and any kind of street foods. All products are very cheap and people can buy them as they want. Fourth, Thailand has beautiful beach in the world. When people come to Thailand, Ko Phangan, Ko Samet, Ko Lipe and Ko Lanta are great tourist destination to visit for beautiful and exotic beach. Last, travelling to Thailand is the cheapest travel in the world. Every tourist can stay at a luxury hotel or guesthouse with exclusive accommodation only for $15-20 per night. All parties and drinks are very cheap. All tourists can take shopping without break their pockets and spend a lot of dollars.


There are some news and reason why people need travel to Thailand. People can choose the right packages for Thailand tour on Thailand travel agency. The internet is a great way to find and choose the right travel agency for your vacation in Thailand.

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