How do Australians perceive travel in Thailand ?

News says that Australian interest in travel to Thailand reduced by 30%. This reduction of Australian people travelling to Thailand was observed after the military coup. This news of reduction in the rate of Australian people travelling to Thailand has grabbed of the Tourism industry of Thailand.

The AUSTRALIAN interest towards Thailand travel has plummeted by around 30% since May 22 prior to the military coup. However, despite such assurances given by Thailand’s tourism industry and travelers claim that Thailand remains “a hospitable tourist destination”.

Reports made the rounds stating that Bangkok has regained or been more peaceful from the time of the coup. In spite of this news, there was seen a drop of 32% in the searches done by Australians in the subsequent week. This observation was recorded by accommodations booking site called as

The interest of AUSTRALIAN travelers to travel to Thailand travel plummeting by 30% is seen as negative news for Thailand Tourism. Thailand’s tourism authority on the other hand is continuously reassuring travelers about the safety of travelling to Thailand, but still people are scared.

There were reports of curfew in Thailand. The curfew in Thailand started at midnight and continued till 4am. However, the authority says, “We want to inform about Thailand’s current situation. We want to convey that there’s situation in Thailand is completely under control. Thailand is completely safe for travelers. Thailand remains a hospitable and welcoming tourist destination. There’s business as usual seen throughout the country,” says the latest news update from Thailand authority.

It further says that the midnight to around 4am curfew in Thailand has hardly stopped the travelers from enjoying and relaxing their days in Thailand under the sun and traveling to Thailand’s mountains, temples as well as beaches.

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