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Travel Guide to Less-Known Cities in Europe

Travel Guide to Less-Known Cities in Europe

Most of the people are familiar with some of the most famous European cities like – Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Paris or Amsterdam and most of the European capitals. However there are less-known places in Europe with far less tourist that travel there although they are equally worth visiting. These places have rich cultural and historical tradition and visiting them will surely be a unique experience. If you have visited the traditional cities and places in Europe or you want to visit something that is different from the typical travelling offer we suggest you visit these attractive locations.

Amiens, France

The first reason to visit this French city is the famous Cathedral from the 13th century that is listed in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. This Gothic style cathedral is the highest medieval cathedral in Western Europe and it is popular because of its unique decorative facade and original architectural appearance. It was built in a period of thirty years on the foundation of an older church that was burnt in fire. Another interesting fact about Amiens is that Jules Verne lived there for 18 years and the building where he used to live is now an interesting museum.

Haarlem, Netherlands

We all know about the Harlem neighborhood in New York but we know little about the Dutch city with the same name. This city is located just 20 miles from Amsterdam. Haarlem was the second most important city in Netherlands during the Middle Ages and well known for its School of Art. No wonder why this city has a great art museum like Frans Hals Museum which has a remarkable collection of portraits of famous Dutch citizens. Teylers Museum is another great museum which offers different historical items to its visitors. Besides that Haarlem has a lot to offer to fans of art and culture.

Ravenna, Italy

If you have decided to travel to Europe in order to visit some places that are not yet so popular among tourists we suggest you visit Ravenna. The beauty of this Italian city that was once important center of the Western Roman Empire was described in many poems and books made by authors like Dante Alighieri and even Oscar Wilde. Ravenna is known for the dozens of unique churches that are spread across the city and the most impressive is Basilica of San Vitale. The remarkable mosaics and paintings in it are something that you can’t see every day.

As you can see Europe is a lot more than the usual big capitals. It has lots of smaller cities and regions that are also worth visiting.