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Tourist attraction in Yaowarat

In addition to the old market, there are the other tourist attraction in Yaowarat is “New market” as great as the old market. This new market locates on between Charoen Krung and Yaowarat road or in the Issaranupab alley. This market is built in the fifth reign but later the old market. Most people called the new market as “Leng Buea Oia Market” because there have Leng Buea Oia shrines which is the oldest shine in Yaowarat.The product in this new market is similar to the old market but specifically in more several restaurants whether dim sum, duck noodles, crispy etc. It is also the location of famous spice shop “Juan Sun Shop” that well known. During festivals, whether a Chinese New Year, Ghost Festival or Chinese Vegetarian Festival both market have a cheerful atmosphere because people come to buy the fresh and dry food to cook.

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Another distinctive feature of Yaowarat is “The golden road”. This road is the most gold shop in Thailand. Both of the roads filled with a gold shop to select. The oldest gold shop in Yaowarat is “Tank To Kang gold shop” located at the entrance of Wanich street, Dragon road is over 130 years since the gold shop was established in fifth reign by founder Mr.Tokang Saetang. Appearance of the store is traditional style building 7 floors look beautiful. Now, they still sell the gold at the first floor and the upper floor is the museum which collects the stories about making gold.

The path to Yaowarat: MRT subway station, get off the when come to the last station, Hua Lamphong Station then, get on tuk-tuk or taxi to Yaowarat road

Bus number: 4,21,25,53,73,73ก,507,529,542

              Personnal car: not recommended to drive yourself because hard to find a park but if you come to Charoenkrung road, you can park on Lotus market and pay the cost per hour.