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Travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and the amazing night life. But there is also a spiritual side to it. You will have to head towards the North of the country which is also the cultural centre of Thailand.

Chiang Mai happens to be the main centre of the north and is also a little more laid back than Bangkok. There are many industries and crafts in Chiang Mai like the silk and the lacquer and the hill tribe products along with the Kings Project items which are phenomenal.

The hill people grew opium many years ago. Looking at the dedication and hard work put in by these people, the King decided to help the people and started a project where the people used to get trainings and other help to grow sustainable crops of the betterment of the community. This project took off so well that today Chian Mai has a plethora of agricultural products which are some of the finest in the world.

Coffee is the most common beverage found on the small street stands known as Doi Chang and Doi tung which offer coffee bean made into a big iced coffee. It is really cheap and great in taste.

The city of Chiang Mai is the first major glimpse of the real Thailand and is situated right among the rolling hills and the majestic mountains. This city is situated in the Golden Triangle which is known as a tri border city connecting Laos and Myanmar and Thailand.

The mighty Mekong River is home to the giant cat fish and a swarm of boat travel options which allow you to explore the real sight of Asia. Do not be surprised to see other foreigners here as this land has been a famous place for the extensive travelers who are on the lookout for the real tourism.