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Travel in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited places in the world by the tourists. It is a country that is fascinating and needs to be explored for a great travelling experience. But what is so happening about the country that it is gaining popularity across the globe? The answer is simple as Thailand is known for the finest beaches in the world along with natural beauty and the weather is friendly enough to make the person comfortable. The people pour into this country for one more reason i.e. the affordability.

Travelling to a great destination without affecting the pocket big time is the tag line for Thailand. It is a traveller’s destination. One can enjoy a lot of water sports and activities as it is mostly surround by beaches. The sports are just another way to make the person relax and give them a great feeling. Apart from the regular water sports, one can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving. These activities help the person also understand a lot about marine life.

The land is also a great spiritual place to be. This land is mainly known for Buddhism. Lord Buddha has been a great source of influence for the local people and this is the reason that 70 per cent of the population of Thailand follow Buddhism as their primary religion. There is a world famous statue of the reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand and is a must visit while in the country. Thailand has a lot of cities which offer different attractions to the tourists. Some of the most visited places are Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui. This country being a tourists attraction, there are many travel packages that are available at cheap prices with every facility included in it. The night life of Thailand is just awe striking and many people fly down to Thailand especially for it.

Thailand – A tourist’s destination

Thailand has become an emerging tourist destination for the past few years. It is a beautiful country and has many places to visit. To visit abroad one needs a lot of planning and money. Abroad trip also needs a visa which is permission for entering a country. This is easy to get for Thailand as one may get it on arrival.

There are many beautiful places which can be explored by the tourists. Thailand is a tourist’s destination and is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia. Bangkok is one of the most famous destinations of Thailand. It possesses some great beaches which have great white sands and clear waters. There are a lot of water sports like jet skiing, para sailing, and many more which can be enjoyed by the tourists.

One more city known as Chiang Mai has a great cultural significance. There are many Buddhist temples which are awe inspiring.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and is most frequently visited place by the tourists. It is also known as the pearl of Andaman and lives up to its name completely. As the pearl is highly polished, expensive and has humongous admirers the same way Phuket has each and every quality of a pearl.

Apart from the amazing beaches, the nightlife of Thailand is also very famous. Shopping is a very important activity for the tourists and is a paradise for the shoppers. Koh Samui is comparable with Phuket. This tourist destination was only discovered in the late 1970’s when the first tourist arrived then. But it has still maintained the same feel till now and offers the tourists great white pearly finish beaches along with coral reefs and exotic lagoons and picturesque water falls. Thailand is a land of tourists and is a must visit for every traveller.

Thailand, the ultimate travel destination

Thailand is becoming the dream destination of travellers. This is because of the hi-tech city life and pubs and bars and the white sand beaches and not to forget the sanctuary of Buddhist life.

Thailand has great cities which offer amazing beaches as it is mostly covered by sea. Thailand still follows the royal family which has a summer palace situated in Chiang Mai city with small villages around it. Once you visit Thailand, make sure to visit the south where Ayutthaya and Sukhotahi cities are situated. Both these cities are now classified as the World heritage sites. The main reason is the many old and beautifully maintained temples of Buddha. But the biggest and the oldest temple is in Bangkok and is known as Wat Pho. The attraction of this temple is the 46 meter long reclining statue of Buddha along with the major collections of Buddha in Thailand.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. This city is a great tourist destination. It is famous from museums to nightlife for the tourists. There are a lot of shootings for movies being done in Bangkok. One such famous beach which is filmed the most is Kra Isthmus.

Other cities include Phuket which is less commercialised and has many famous resorts. It holds events like the moon festival which is very famous with youngsters and the shores are sparkling as the moon throws its light during this festival. Thailand travel is very easy and an amazing experience. You will find everything right from the simple to the most luxurious at the cheapest prices. One must keep a travel guide handy for all the information necessary for a tourist. Travel to Thailand will be a budgeted vacation due to its cheap rates.

In case if you are planning for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon then Thailand is the perfect destination for you. You will find many tour guide operators who will plan your vacation in the best possible ways.