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Travelers tip when in Thailand

If you are hunting for your next travel destination then consider visiting the land of smiles – Thailand. This is a country that welcomes all its guests with utmost hospitality. The place is filled with wonderful culture people, food and scenic beauty.
Certain peculiarities of the place:
When you travel to Thailand you will notice that the people are exceptionally warm and polite. When you are there, you too have to follow similar etiquettes.
The people of Thailand follow right hand driving. It is advisable to not rent and drive a car on your own if you are a first time visitor, as you may not be aware of the nuances of the traffic rules of Thailand. You can rather hire a car with a driver and visit beautiful places; the driver can actually suggest some good ones for you. Driving may not also be the necessarily good in Thailand.
Instead of hiring a taxi, rather use the sky train or the metered cabs for your travel to get the truefeel of Thailand.
Thailand has many historic places of interest if you are a connoisseur of its rich past. If you are going there for a short trip, don’t be disappointed, you will be back for sure to complete your site seeing to this enchanting land.
If your travel is to solely party then Pattaya has some really nice pubs that you can visit.
If your travel is based on learning about the culture of Thailand then Bangkok and Chiang Mai is where you should head to.
For a relaxing and unwinding time at the beach, Krabi, Ao Nang, Koh Chang and Koh Samet are places you should go to.
If shopping is on your mind, then you must head to the Night Market at Bangkok and also browse through the malls of Siam Square.